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fredag 13. maj 2022, 15:00

Fuzztival 2022 – 13.+14. maj

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  • Venue: Tobakken
  • Genre: Festival, Metal, Rock
  • Dato: fredag 13. maj 2022
  • Tid: 15:00
  • Dørene åbner: 14:00
  • Pris:445,-
  • Pladser: Ståpladser

Like all great things Fuzztival started as an idea we had over a few beers. We started this festival in 2018 with 6 bands on a free open-air stage. In 2022 we have our 5 year anniversary and we are planning a couple of special treats in that relation. Things will grow and get even fuzzier.

​Fuzztival is a non-profit festival run by music lovers and volunteers. We do this in our spare time because we love the music and the scene. Come party with us!